State and federal regulations hold building owners and employers responsible for protecting employees, occupants, and outside contractors from exposure to asbestos. Friable asbestos materials (which can readily release asbestos upon disturbance during maintenance, renovation or demolition) can have a serious impact on a building's value, planned renovations or demolition, and even on the ability of an owner to lease space within the building.

Environmental Building Solutions helps meet these challenges by identifying the extent of asbestos materials and the factors that make up a potential hazard. We conduct building surveys, and provide comprehensive assessment reports and management programs. 

Our asbestos survey begins with samples taken from suspect materials. The samples are sent off for independent analysis by laboratories that participate in the National Voluntary Accreditation and the New York State Department of Health. A comprehensive survey report is generated from the field data, showing the condition, location, and types of asbestos, and includes a detailed list of recommended actions to meet regulatory requirements.

EBS team members, who are certified by the New York State Department of Labor, also provide project management services, overseeing air quality during the abatement project and monitoring every aspect of the process to ensure that budgets and deadlines are met. At the completion of the project, we provide detailed documentation and certification.