In a busy commercial kitchen environment, much can depend on the ability to quickly detect and suppress fires. Even more important is fire prevention, and many local regulations govern the maintenance of ductwork, the frequency of inspections, and required cleanliness.

Environmental Building Solutions' technicians and expert staff can assess the safety of exhaust systems in food service environments, for both safety and regulatory compliance.

Our inspections are geared to minimize interference with kitchen operations, and we employ the latest technology, including tracking robots, to examine all parts of the ventilation system and provide a complete picture of the condition and safety of the ducts.

The results from this survey can be utilized to:

  • Evaluate and document the buildup of grease, dirt, debris and contamination within the system
  • Provide a baseline for monitoring the cleaning process
  • Evaluate the success of the cleaning methods employed
  • Verify removal efficiency and cleanliness 

When we inspect your exhaust system and find any deficiencies, we process the non-compliance information right away to help you determine the best course of action.

We also follow up with photographic documentation of conditions after cleaning is completed. This establishes a new baseline for comparison to established standards and industry guidelines, to estimate the relative risk to building occupants.