The U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership has developed a "green" rating system known as Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) — a national benchmark for the design, construction, and operation environmentally responsible buildings.

Environmental Building Solutions has experience working with all of the Council's green rating systems and can assist building owners and managers who are seeking certification. We can also train teams on LEED implementation and preparation for accreditation. This is especially important for anyone involved with managing municipal buildings in the city of New York. Greener buildings are a significant part of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's PlaNYC 2030 initiative to make the Big Apple more environmentally sustainable.

Local Law 86, also known as the Green City Buildings Act, requires that not only many of New York City’s municipal buildings, but also additions and major renovations, are built and operated with improved resource efficiency compared to conventional buildings.

Benefits are not limited to providing healthier environments for workers and decreasing the heat and pollutant situations found in tightly packed structure and population areas, however. There are also tax incentives available through New York State for owners and tenants of eligible buildings and tenant spaces which meet certain green standards.

The regulatory landscape is likely to continue evolving. EBS can help you keep ahead of changing regulations, and analyze both the long-term as well as near-term cost/benefit relationship of the various green technologies available to construction and renovation projects.