The EPA estimates that 60 percent of the buildings in the United States have poor indoor air quality, resulting in health problems, reduced productivity, strained landlord/tenant relationships and potential liability issues. Maintaining a healthy indoor environment in any building requires integrating many components of a complex system.

Indoor environment problems are preventable and solvable, and Environmental Building Solutions offers practical guidance on how to manage your building for good Indoor Environmental Quality (IAQ). 

We perform visual inspections for mold and moisture, and collect air samples as well as samples from building surfaces. We also interview occupants to help define complaints, identify symptoms, and pinpoint specific problem areas within a building. The samples can be analyzed for any number of contaminants, and lead us to an understanding of their sources — and ultimately to strategies for corrective action.

Since over 50 percent of reported indoor air quality problems are linked to inadequate ventilation, we also analyze the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure they are properly designed, constructed, operated, and maintained in conformance with industry standards. 

Our Indoor Air Quality and Mold Management Program helps clients prevent indoor air quality problems by educating facility management, staff, and building occupants about potential causes. We also offer evaluation of construction materials that may cause IAQ problems. EBS has developed guidelines to help building owners avoid negative impacts on indoor air quality during such construction activities.