Over the past two decades the operation of industrial treated water systems has become increasingly complex due to the improved low-tolerance design of mechanical components in these newer systems and environmental regulations. At the same time demands on these systems are higher than ever in an age of rising energy costs and increased attention to infrastructure maintenance costs. More than ever, a fine-tuned approach to treating the water in your heating and cooling plant is critical. And the success of that mission depends on careful attention to system cleanliness and maintaining the proper balance of essential physical and chemical treatments.

Improperly treated water can lead to costly infrastructure expenditures, downtime, and energy losses. Yet most organizations do not have the internal resources to accurately assess or monitor a treatment program.

EBS offers independent and unbiased expertise in an area where problems can cause significant and costly business interruptions. By enlisting us, facility owners and operators, developers, manufacturers, hospitals, and universities can increase the reliability and extend the life of critical heat-transfer systems. Over the long term, these benefits result in higher efficiency, lower operating cost and reduced capital investment.

Our water system audits help identify current treatment program deficiencies and recommend needed improvements. During the audit we evaluate the operating parameters and existing conditions of each treated water system and provide a benchmark for establishing measurable performance objectives. In addition, we can assist the property/facility manager in obtaining cost effective pricing for quality programs and maintenance.

Services we offer include:

  • Review of physically and chemically treated water system design
  • Audit of treated water systems
  • Sampling of treated water for chemical and microbial analysis in both closed and open systems
  • Write specifications for physical and chemical treatments.
  • Write specifications for cleaning new piping and new equipment of treated water systems
  • Provide treatment guidelines and staff training for best operating practices.
  • Failure analysis, recommendations, and expert witness services.
  • NYC & NYS Legionella Compliance Programs including ASHRAE 188 Plans.