EBS offers complete diesel fuel testing and analysis. Our services can be used for monitoring auxiliary and standby power systems for commercial and industry applications, including hospitals, power utilities, marine and insurance requirements. UST's represent a significant environmental risk.

We analyze storage tank integrity to help ensure compliance with regulations and prevent spillage and contamination. Prompt attention to operational requirements, especially the leak detection and response, will minimize the potential high costs associated with the remediation of oil-contaminated soils and groundwater.

Our basic fuel testing can determine whether your fuel meets American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) No. 2 standards and other industry specifications. Our long-term storage analysis helps predict the fuel's cleanliness and remaining service life, as well as meeting diesel fuel specifications. Testing services can be customized to troubleshoot applications and document integrity. We can also analyze jet fuel, heavy fuel oils and marine bunker fuels.

We offer:
Warm Weather Analysis, Cold Weather Analysis, and Long-Term Fuel Analysis