Regulations governing the production, use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials and waste, as well as their impact on soil, air, and water quality, affect most businesses to some degree.

The State of New York’s “community right-to-know” law requires that facilities develop and submit to their local administering agency a “Right to Know Compliance Package.”

Standard components of the Compliance Package include chemical/hazardous substance inventories, material safety data sheets, emergency response plans and procedures, evacuation plans and procedures, and training.

For fast, efficient, and accurate data collection and management, Environmental Building Solutions uses electronic data collection systems and data management software that allows for ongoing tracking and updating of inventories throughout single or multiple facilities.

Benefits include lower costs due to greater purchasing efficiency, reduced waste, easier regulatory compliance, and the protection of employee health and safety. Among the services we provide are evaluating regulatory compliance, performing inventories of hazardous materials, obtaining proper permits, staff training, and establish procedures for best practices in the future.

Environmental Building Solutions provides a regulatory compliance report that summarizes the items reviewed, highlights environmental and/or occupational safety and health concerns and noncompliance areas, and makes appropriate recommendations.