The goal of site remediation is to reduce contaminants to allowable levels for site closure or re-development. Environmental Building Solutions’ personnel craft cost-effective solutions for cleanup based on their experience and reasonable judgment, available information and applicable regulations.

Our geologic and hydrogeologic experts investigate the site and characterize the nature, extent and concentration of a contaminant plume. Following assembly of raw data, we may apply computer modeling techniques to assist in evaluating contaminant plume migration. 

Our project team members have conducted soil and groundwater remediation projects resulting from leaking underground fuel storage tanks, unauthorized discharges, and spills from improper use or handling of hazardous materials.

Whether the optimum solution involves a single treatment method or a combination of technologies, we are able to evaluate the alternatives, make recommendations, and successfully pilot the project to the closure or “no further action” status. Our experience is the key that helps clients reduce costs, comply with regulations, and restore value to their properties. 

From start to finish, EBS acts as a facilitator between client and regulatory agency and coordinates every aspect of the project, including budget estimates, scheduling requirements, permit applications, and remedial strategy selection. We involve the appropriate regulatory agencies early in the process, ensuring that the project is on track from the outset.

Our objective for each project is to provide several viable remedial options that utilize the best available technology in the most cost-effective way to meet established or negotiated cleanup criteria.